The 7 Best Smart Toilets – Ultimate Guide for 2022

best smart toilets

Having one of the best smart toilets is a terrific option, whether you want to adopt a hands-off strategy in the bathroom or live in a home with plenty of high-tech smart devices. They can, however, be difficult to come by and are not cheap.

The smart toilet you choose for your home should be comfortable and water-efficient. The six best smart toilets listed below include both expensive porcelain thrones and more reasonably priced models.

Here are the 7 Best Smart Toilets in 2022

Product name & linkReason to Buy
1. Kohler Karing Smart ToiletBest Smart Toilet Overall
2. B0960S Smart ToiletBest Smart Toilet: Budget Friendly
3. SmartBidet SB-3000 Smart Toilet SeatBest Smart Toilet Seat
4. Toto Neorest MS992 Smart ToiletBest Smart Toilet for Luxury
5. HOROW Luxury Smart ToiletBest Smart Toilet Budget Luxury
6. Kohler Veil Dual-Flush Smart ToiletBest Smart Toilet with Touchscreen
7. Euroto Luxury Smart ToiletBest Smart Toilet for Convenience

1. Kohler Karing Smart Toilet

Best Smart Toilet Overall

  • Self-cleaning
  • Water efficient
  • Sleek Design
  • Single Flush

Any bathroom will look modern with this Kohler small smart toilet. Its self-cleaning brush, dryer, temperature settings that are adjustable, hands-free opening and shutting of the seat, and LED light that lights the bowl at night are all features we adore.

The majority of the smart toilets shown use less water each flush than this WaterSense certified toilet, which consumes 1.28 gallons.

A carbon filter is included with the Kohler Karing smart toilet, and according to Kohler, it will eliminate smells for a full year.

On the Karing, two users can create profiles to specify their preferences. The touchscreen remote for the toilet, which is either portable or mounted on the wall, may be used to operate the bidet, heated seat, and integrated air dryer.

Just be prepared for the possibility that someone could mistake the toilet for a garbage can due to its streamlined and small appearance.

2. B0960S Smart Toilet

Best Smart Toilet: Budget Friendly

  • Fully adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Night Light
  • Decent quality materials

Many of the fantastic features seen in more costly alternatives on the market are also present in this smart toilet. Just a few examples include an automated flush, automatic open and close, air filtration, and a heated seat.

We appreciate that you have a variety of wash alternatives (posterior wash, feminine wash, etc.) and the touchscreen remote that comes with it may be hung on the wall or used while being held in the hand.

To guarantee an easy and efficient installation, our home renovation experts suggest paying special attention to the specifications, the placement of the angle valve on the toilet, and access to a power supply.

3. SmartBidet SB-3000 Smart Toilet Seat

Best Smart Toilet Seat

  • Easy to use/Assemble
  • Multiple pressure & temperature settings
  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • No built-in night light

Due to its snap-on capability and availability in a range of sizes to accommodate various toilet bowl shapes, the SmartBidet SB-3000 Smart Toilet Seat is the model on our list that is the simplest to add to an existing toilet.

We also like the high-tech features, which included a nozzle that could be adjusted to five different spots for various sorts of washes and a remote control with varied water pressure and temperature changes.

Although we found this toilet seat to be sturdy, the manufacturer only permits 330 pounds of weight, which may not be suitable for many customers. A feature we liked with other devices on our list, the built-in night light, is also absent here.

4. Toto Neorest MS992 Smart Toilet

Best Smart Toilet for Luxury

  • Good-looking one-piece skirt design
  • compliant with ADA
  • Nightlight included; uses minimal water
  • includes an automatic lid
  • easy to maintain
  • Luxury Price

It just so happens that the Toto Neorest MS992 smart toilet, which is available in a cotton white, is the ideal fusion of eco-friendliness and elegance. The CeFiONtect coating on the smart toilet keeps filth and limescale from building up on the surface.

The ADA-compliant variant is made of ceramic and has an automatic lid. As it detects your presence, the slow-close lid will automatically open, and when you move away from it, it will close.

This model also saves water, which is a great feature. You won’t encounter significant utility costs at the end of each month with water use of 0.8/1.0gpf. Even further, the water is electrolyzed to ensure a spotless flush each and every time.

The bowl will always remain clean thanks to the automatic hands-free flush. The air purifier will ensure that the air is kept fresh.

This smart toilet is made to accommodate people of all ages and sizes, guaranteeing that everyone may have a pleasant experience. When you wish to take matters into your own hands, the device has a remote control available.

The unit’s nightlight ensures that you can quickly locate it in the dark while the heated seat keeps you toasty. For home use, it has a 3-year warranty; for commercial use, it has a 1-year warranty.

5. HOROW Luxury Smart Toilet

Best Smart Toilet Budget Luxury

  • incredible value for the money spent
  • The spray nozzle is kept clean by water and UV radiation.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month replacement warranty.
  • Requires an electrical connection

The HOROW premium Integrated Smart Toilet combines all the greatest features of high-end smart toilets and does so in a device that is so affordably priced. As a result, we believe this is the ‘best value’ option.

You will struggle to find a better smart toilet with such an outstanding feature set at this price range. And we appreciate its aesthetics, too.

According to reviews, the HOROW smart toilet gives improved control through settings on the remote and is simple to install.

6. Kohler Veil Dual-Flush Smart Toilet

Best Smart Toilet with Touchscreen

  • Seat quick-release mechanism
  • System of discrete control
  • “On/Off” energy-saving sensor
  • Electrical connection is necessary

Many smart toilets choose to use buttons that are fixed on the seat or a portable, wireless remote that is frequently lost. The Veil, however, is special.

All of the toilet’s functions are managed via a touchscreen LCD that is located on the wall. No more bending over to see the control panel or searching for a misplaced remote.

The integrated led lighting will provide you with adequate lighting whether you are using the restroom during the day or at night.

An appealing appearance is produced by LED lights that are strategically placed inside the bowl. And now for the crucial part: Depending on whether you choose a full or partial flush, the toilet utilizes 1.28 GPF or 0.8 GPF.

7. Euroto Luxury Smart Toilet

Best Smart Toilet for Convenience

  • Full automation
  • Deodorizer
  • Night light
  • Larger/Bulky

The Euroto toilet is perhaps your ideal toilet system if you’re all about convenience. The self-lifting lid and the automatic flush after you’re done are both automated. The water, seat, and dryer temperatures, as well as the water pressure, may all be adjusted using the provided remote.

The tankless heating system of the Euroto, which never runs out of warm water, is another cutting-edge design element. Additionally, the air is drawn in by the inbuilt deodorizer and sent through an ionized carbon filter to assist remove smells.


Do I really need a smart toilet?

It is reasonable to have some skepticism toward the concept of a “smart toilet.”

These days, smart technology seems to permeate every aspect of our homes, from our toasters and mirrors to the locks on our doors. It may seem far-fetched to think that smart technology may have any advantages for toilets.

It turns out that smart toilets have a number of advantages that may affect your everyday life, your pocketbook, and even the environment.

What are the benefits of having a smart toilet?

The most apparent advantages of a smart toilet are additional elegance and simplicity of use. Heated seats, air fresheners, and automated lids that open and close in response to human movement are just a few of the features available on smart toilets.

Since most smart toilets already have high-end bidets built in, if you were thinking about adding a bidet to your existing toilet, you may as well consider upgrading.

The fancy technology, however, is not the true benefit, it’s the flush. Modern flushing technologies included in smart toilets utilize far less water than those found in conventional ordinary toilets. High-efficiency flushes help minimize water waste globally while lowering your water cost.


We mainly concentrated on the two most common smart toilet designs—self-contained units and affixable toilet seats—to help focus on the above list.

Smart seats often provide less functionality and higher-end design options than self-contained smart toilets, like our top picks, but are frequently significantly more expensive.

The rest of our top options for smart toilet seats are excellent ways to enter the smart toilet community without breaking the bank.

With the 7 best smart toilets, you can stay clean and save water. We hope you have enjoyed reading our list. Happy shopping!


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